Loving God.  Loving Others. Serving Both


Grace – The first part of our name serves as the sole basis upon which we are able to live presently and eternally in right relationship with a Holy God who loves us. As a church, we exist to see God receive the Glory He deserves and  people brought into life-transforming relationship with Him, through the lovingkindness He has shown us manifest in the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. 


“Community” is our middle name.The God we worship is a triune God, who has existed eternally as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Bearing the image of God, mankind is called to and built for community. Although each Christian believer has a personal relationship with God, that relationship is neither individual nor private. We were made for community, manifest both in relationship with God and with each other.


The local church is not merely a place that we attend but a people and a family to whom we belong. Leading people into an intimate and growing relationship with Jesus Christ is our clear mission. We believe that an authentic church culture displays acts of compassion and speech that both honors God and encourages others. In direct response to God’s lovingkindness shown to us, we believe in reaching beyond our walls to directly meet the needs and address the hurts of those in our communities.