Grace Worship

Grace Worship

We serve by seeking God, offering our gifts in song, and creating an atmosphere that inspires others to do the same. We are called to prophesy with our instruments and voices and be creative and excellent as we lead people to God through our worship. We believe that our true worship serves as a living sacrifice set at the feet of Jesus.

Halal Dance

The Halal Dance team at Grace ministers before the Lord in all disciplines of dance, movement, and pageantry as part of weekly worship. The dance team is not performing, but rather striving to submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit to offer an authentic and surrendered praise, desiring to bring glory to God through movement and interpretive dance expression.

Sound & Tech Ministries

Our sound, video, and technical ministries are a group of dedicated and faithful servants who work to create an engaging worship environment. Our goal is to lead others into worship by utilizing the technologies of audio, video, and graphic presentations both for those worshipping with us in-house and those viewing online. 

A Heart of Worship.

God’s presence is the goal. That said, while worship is very much about music, and involves music, it is not all about music. Corporate worship is the culmination of a personal life steeped in worship. Music is a powerful tool that engages both the heart and the mind in a way that allows us to fully express our wholehearted response to His love.  For these reasons, praise and worship are an integral part of every gathering at Grace.